How It All Began…

History of Vancouver Law Firm

Lindsay Kenney LLP was founded in 1980 but the firm was actually conceived six years earlier, in 1974 over a bottle of scotch in front of a smoldering fireplace in a small Vancouver house – when the original four partners were in first year law school at UBC.

Frank Potts, Rick Lindsay, Julian Kenney, and Kirk Poje agreed to name their new firm Lindsay Kenney.

History of Vancouver Law Firm LK Law

Frank Potts, Richard Lindsay, Julian Kenney, Kirk Poje and Terry Dunn

Over 30 years later, founding partners are still heading the firm. Frank Potts leads the General Litigation Department. Kirk Poje presides over the firm’s Corporate Commercial empire in Langley. Terry Dunn, a partner since 1982, practices banking law in the Vancouver office.  Long time Managing Partner, Kelvin Stephens managed the firm from 1996 to 2013. Sadly, Mr. Stephens passed away in 2014 but his legacy continues.

Many others have contributed significantly to the firm’s growth and success: partners, associates, management, paralegals and administrative staff.  We have been fortunate to have first rate support staff, many of whom have been with us for decades.  Others, having made their contribution, left to go to law school and are now practicing law or, in at least two cases, have gone to the Bench. Some lawyers who articled here are now partners at Lindsay Kenney. Others have gone on to be partners at other firms or are with various government agencies—and some have even banded together to set up other successful law firms.

In July 2014, six associates joined the partnership. Erin Easingwood, Mark Von Marksfeld, Tim Goepel and Chris Martin in the Vancouver office along with Tim Grier and Perminder Tung from the Langley office.

There is simply no question that without the help and assistance of many people, Lindsay Kenney LLP, if it existed at all, would not be the firm it is today.

And although the two partners whose names are on the door have moved on, Lindsay Kenney remains the same firm that began back in 1974 with an epic fireside chat.


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