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Welcome to the Lindsay Kenney LLP “public library”, a substantial and frequently updated collection of articles and useful legal items. We present this resource to help both individuals and legal professionals searching for relevant information about the law.

You’ll find News about LK Law, Resources and Videos & Podcasts for individuals and small business owners as well as legal Case Comments (mostly of interest to legal professionals).


When an appointment, case judgment, or event regarding a Lindsay Kenney partner, associate lawyer or staff member occurs we will announce it within the News section.


Every day, we see the need for individuals and small business owners to better understand the law in areas that may affect them. As lawyers deeply rooted in our communities of Vancouver and Langley, we offer these Resources to help you increase your understanding of family and divorce law, business, personal injury, fraud l aw and more.

Case Comments

Case comments and significant judgments involving LK Law litigators in Vancouver and Langley are filed here, on matters ranging from complex commercial issues, to personal injury disputes, family and divorce law, and fraud. Our litigators have appeared at every level of Court, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

Videos & Podcasts

Through years of experience, Lindsay Kenney lawyers have a wealth of information to share with individuals and small business owners.  We will be sharing this legal information with you through video presentations and podcasts.  The topics will range from personal issues such as cohabitation agreements, divorce, wills, estates and trusts to the difficulties when faced with an injury. We understand that everyone is on the go and the podcasts allow you to take the presentation mobile.  You can listen to it while you are driving or via a mobile device.  Check back often to review the latest additions to this library.

Changes in the law are journalized here.

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