Changes at Lindsay Kenney LLP


Although it’s business as usual for most of us at Lindsay Kenney LLP, there are some changes we’d like to announce.

On January 1, 2013, a group of lawyers left Lindsay Kenney LLP to form their own law firm which they have named “Lindsay LLP”. Unfortunately, there has been some confusion generated by the similarity in names used by the two law firms.

The change is a positive step for both firms, and simply reflects changes in the way some client organizations prefer to do business. We are working to ensure this transition is smooth and easy for clients affected by the change.

We are Lindsay Kenney LLP, the original firm founded in 1980. We are here to serve our clients, as we have for over 30 years, from the same offices in Vancouver and Langley.  “Lindsay LLP” is a new firm, a separate legal entity with its own offices. Despite the similar sounding name, the new firm is not affiliated with Lindsay Kenney LLP.

Transition questions? Call us at 604 687 1323 or email us at [email protected]. We will put you in touch with the right lawyer, at either firm.