Estate Planning – Bringing the Next Generation to the Table

Estate Planning and Litigation

The annual Vancouver Estate Planning Conference provides a venue for multidisciplinary advisors within the Estate Planning Community to learn together and foster team approaches for the benefit of clients.

This year, an LK Law lawyer presented a plenary session titled “Time for Action: Bringing the Next Generation to the Table”.

The discussion included the opportunities for clients to bring their adult children into the conversation with respect to their estate and incapacity planning, including:

1.     Insights on how advisors can add further value to their clients’ estate planning;

2.     Content that clients can consider discussing during family meetings, that can result in better planning and lessen the risk of future disputes;

3.     Issue spotting regarding client circumstances that may require more planning and attention;

4.     Key questions that advisors can pose to their clients; and

5.     Cultural considerations with respect to family dynamics.

If you would like to discuss your estate planning needs or to arrange a presentation, contact our Estate Planning and Estate Administration