Here’s What Our Staff Have to Say…


Video Transcript

“What I like about working at Lindsay Kenney is the atmosphere, the people I work with, I just find them really enjoyable and friendly.

My favourite thing about Lindsay Kenney is definitely the feeling of being a part of a family. I like that they understand work-life balance. You still have that small family atmosphere, and I get that here at Lindsay Kenney, and I think that’s the unique factor of it.

It’s a very supportive environment, very collegial. It’s certainly not the typical law firm experience.

Because we are a medium sized firm it is great because I get to travel and get to know both offices, both the staff and the lawyers. We do have separate offices, one in Langley and Vancouver, but you still feel close. We communicate on a daily basis, we converse on various topics and situations, and we assist each other on both levels. It’s really nice that we still have our original partners here. Which means that there’s a certain history to the firm, and the people who make the decisions are still here, in Vancouver, in Langley.

It’s actually grown quite a bit in the years that I’ve been here, but it feels like a small firm, it feels really intimate. Everybody knows everybody.  It’s really nice to be able to go to your co-workers and ask questions, maybe find solutions to problems that I wouldn’t be able to figure out on my own. It’s very rewarding to be able to put in the hours, put in the work, but then really be able to see what a difference it makes. We all get along at working very well in a team environment. So it’s one of those things that makes you feel good coming to work, knowing that you have a wonderful team that you can lean on.

They look at different individuals, they see potential, and they try and promote from within. They definitely talked to me a lot about where I want to go in my career so I don’t feel stuck. It’s been very helpful to work at Lindsay Kenney in the summers between law school, and they’ve always been very encouraging about me pursuing my education.

They supported me through the process of becoming a permanent resident. This summer, I will be able to apply for citizenship, and it’s due in a very large part to Lindsay Kenney and the management team that are here that really look at people on a personal level and invest.

All the people in management here were very supportive when I went to school, and even when I came back it was like being reintegrated and just feeling like part of the family again.”