Make a Will Week: Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

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April 6 through April 12, 2015 has been proclaimed as Make-A-Will Week by the BC Government.

The importance of estate planning and making a Will is recognized by the BC government as it is a critical component of everyone’s life. The significance of estate planning cannot be understated as Trust & Estate lawyer, Sukhminder Virk explains:

“The biggest mistake that people make when it comes to Will preparation or estate planning is to assume that they do not need to plan.  There is a misconception that estate planning is only for the well-off, or that you need to have a complex estate to require one.  Nothing could be further from the truth. In particular, anyone with children or even a modest estate should have at least a Will.”

Estate planning or Will preparation can be a difficult conversation to have for most families, but it is a critical one. Similar to families having insurance policies, Tax Free Savings Accounts and Registered Retirement Savings Plans in place, a Will should be a key component of everyone’s personal and estate planning.

By not having a Will, people leave their legal and financial legacies in limbo. This often results in a very difficult situation for families after their loved ones are gone. As Sukhminder Virk explains, “we see on a routine basis the affect little or no planning can have not just on finances, but on family relationships”. Virk continues, “by having done proper planning, individuals can avoid leaving their families in financial and, more importantly, emotional turmoil.”

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For further information, consult the BC Government website

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