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Our corporate lawyers provide comprehensive legal advice and representation for all facets of corporate, commercial, business, and real estate law. Meet some of our corporate lawyers who can help you navigate your business legal needs.

Business Law
Lindsay Kenney LLP – Vancouver and Langley Offices

Full Transcript:

At Lindsay Kenney we can assist firms from incorporation, to starting out, and through the life of the business. And ultimately we’re there as their advisors, even for succession. I think some people have questions sometimes about whether there’s a difference between us dealing with small clients or larger institutional clients. Because Lindsay Kenney is focused on client service, that’s allowed us to adapt what we’re doing to whatever their specific needs are.

We have a great number of clients who have been with the firm for two and three generations. Often we’ve worked with the founder, and then we’ve worked with the next generation. We want to know what’s going on with their business, we want to know what’s going on with their lives. It allows us to have a more holistic approach.  And we’ve seen the business evolve, we’ve seen the family evolve, and we’re able to better meet their needs as a result of knowing them better.

If you have a client you’ve worked for for many years, then they get value out of the fact that they know that you know their history. Our role is really to assist our clients and work with their team of advisors. We can’t work in isolation, we need to work with their tax advisors, their financial planners.  What that means is that we spend a lot of time developing those relationships as well, with the other professional services so that we can be sure that when a need arises for our client we can also identify the right person to perhaps bring into the picture or send them to to talk to.

We do have a multitude of industries that we work with, whether it’s real estate development, agriculture, insurance. If business trouble ever arises, we do have a robust litigation team. Everything from simple contract disputes or collections issues, to full on shareholder disputes. And that way we can assist in being that trusted advisor. Knowing problems, heading them off before they become real big issues because we have that close client contact.

We work with clients and if you know their business well, you know the background, you’re not guessing at what’s going on, you know what’s going on.