Providing an ICBC Statement – What You Need to Know

Personal Injury

“ICBC is asking me to make a statement, what should I do?”

It is normal for passengers and drivers who have been injured in an accident to feel a bit shaken up in the aftermath. It is important to contact experienced legal counsel right away in order to ensure your rights are protected and your claim is handled in a fair manner.

ICBC does not represent you and they do not necessarily have your interests in mind when it comes to ICBC claims. Like most insurance companies, their primary goal is to minimize claims and reduce exposure. If you are clearly not at fault it is crucial to take time to organize yourself before your first meeting with ICBC.

Though an ICBC Statement seems like a simple matter, adjusters are trained specifically to dig for information that you may not think is terribly relevant to the incident. During your first interview with ICBC (either in person or over the phone with dial-a-claim) they are digging for information about your coverage and your claim. They may eventually ask you to come in to provide a statement or will take your verbal statement over the phone. These verbal or written ICBC Statements can be used later in a court …

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Perminder Tung
Partner – ICBC Car Accident & Personal Injury Law
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