Stay Safe and Be Prepared (video)

Estate Planning and Litigation



With the current COVID-19 crisis, it brings out a lot of emotions in all of us. Part of it is the response, we’re kind of dealing with it collectively, but also personally. Because it does bring us face to face with a reality, and it’s something that we often ignore, because it is a tough conversation. If you were to pass away, who’s going to look after your estate? Where is it going? Of course, it’s not just about the virus itself, it’s something that we all have to think about. But one piece – out of the crisis, of course, brings the opportunity to look at certain pieces. For example, “am I prepared?” If you were to fall ill, is someone there to make decisions on your behalf. Is someone there to look after your assets, and frankly you? To make healthcare decisions on your behalf. And if, or when, you eventually pass, is someone there to make decisions to take care of your estate and to look after it? And really, that’s why we’re here. We’re here to help to facilitate the discussion, to work with you through these tough conversations, and put your mind at ease. And so when your affairs are in order, that’s one less thing that you have to think about.