What’s Available if you’re Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Personal Injury

One of the important steps in a personal injury case is the determination of coverage through the insurance of the motorist who is at fault in an accident.   Outlined below are the various types of coverage available to an injured party to cover his/her damages for injuries, and other associated damages in a motor vehicle accident.

Third Party Liability Coverage:

Every insured motorist in BC has Basic Autoplan coverage up to $200,000. This means that if you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, and the other driver is at fault, the offending motorist’s basic insurance Autoplan coverage covers up to $200,000 of your injury costs and your vehicle damage. Obviously, it is recommended and many people have third party liability coverage in excess of the Basic Autoplan coverage. However, if the person who is responsible for the motor vehicle accident does not have additional insurance, and the Basic Autoplan coverage is not sufficient to pay for a claim, Underinsured Motorist Protection will cover you.

Underinsured Motorist Protection Covers:

  • You and members of your household when you own or lease a vehicle.
  • A crash or death if any of these people are injured or killed in a motor vehicle as a driver, passenger, or as a pedestrian or cyclist.
  • Will cover claims of up to $1 million per person.

Many people buy Excess Underinsured Motorist Protection to increase that protection to $2 million. In the event, you are involved in a hit and run situation, and you suffer injuries, there is Hit-and-Run Coverage that will protect you and your vehicle. This coverage is available to all residents of BC, even if one does not own or insure a vehicle. Hit-and-run coverage will cover up to $200,000 to apply towards your damage, injuries or death. If you are in a situation in Canada or US where local laws prevent you from making a claim against the offending motorist responsible for the motor vehicle accident, you may have coverage under Inverse Liability protection. This coverage allows for your vehicle repair costs to be covered up to 100 per cent.

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