You’ve been in a motor vehicle accident – what are your first steps?

Personal Injury

First and foremost, you should attend to your injuries and follow your doctor’s recommendations. Your focus should be your health and recovery from any injuries. Having said that, before you think about pursuing a personal injury claim you should gather evidence related to how the motor vehicle accident was caused. Document the extent of damage both to your person and to your vehicle.  Photographs are always useful.

  • Confirm the names and contact information of any witnesses who observed the accident
  • Start a personal log book and diarize the exact particulars of the accident, note what happened in the immediate aftermath of the accident
  • Collect all medical bills
  • Record hospital and other medical visits
  • Note if there was police attendance at the scene of the accident
  • Record any missed work or lost wages

Most importantly, make note of any ongoing limitations (work, personal, social) resulting from the accident.

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