Seeta Prasad, Lawyers Vancouver, LK Law

Seeta Prasad

I joined the Corporate Commercial Department at Lindsay Kenney’s Vancouver office in 2010 after working my first job in the legal field at a smaller real estate firm. As a fairly new graduate from a legal program and only having experience working in a smaller firm, I was a little anxious to be moving on to a larger firm. The treatment I received when I first started definitely got rid of any nervous feelings I had. The people here are very welcoming and always willing to help.

I’ve had the honour of working with Lindsay Kenney’s former Managing Partner and was able to learn a great deal during that time. I have also had the opportunity to work in the different legal fields of our department and be able to expand my knowledge in these service areas. The lawyers who I have the privilege of working with always encourage me to continue to learn and I have been given the opportunity to take on more responsibility within the department and within the firm.

For any future employees, Lindsay Kenney is a great place to work and grow.