Tristan Miller

I joined Lindsay Kenney’s litigation department as a legal assistant in 2020. I came to the firm after spending my first few years in the legal industry with a small foreclosure firm. Despite having no formal legal education, Lindsay Kenney offered me a position based on my merit, experience and determination. Although I lacked the schooling many of my colleagues possessed, the professionals I work with immediately showed me respect and generosity in welcoming me to the firm.

I initially began work solely in the civil litigation department but before long was offered a position to support a second lawyer who practices family law. Both lawyers have been extremely generous and helpful to me in my continued learning and development. Throughout my time at Lindsay Kenney, I have been privileged by offers from the firm to sponsor me in further legal education, including the paralegal program. At the time of my hiring however, I explained that I wished to become a lawyer myself one day, an idea the firm supported. After completing my studies and writing the LSAT, I am now ready to make that next step, a decisions the lawyers I work with fully promoted.

Lindsay Kenney is an amazing place to develop, grow and learn. It would be an honour to return as an articling student and one day even an associate.