Trudy Fetzko, Lawyers Vancouver, LK Law

Trudy Fetzko

I joined Lindsay Kenney in 1991 initially working on foreclosure, bankruptcy and insolvency cases, bringing with me several years of previous experience in the Vancouver legal profession.

Working primarily with LK partner Timothy Delaney, I have seen my career path evolve over the years. At present I am a paralegal working mostly on plaintiff personal injury matters. Chiefly, I assist clients in dealing with ICBC, which can be difficult and complicated, and with the litigation process up to and through trial.

I find this work challenging and exciting because, like people, no two claims are alike. And here, there is always potential for growth. My duties have expanded to include interviewing witnesses, drafting settlement proposals, quantifying damages and preparing the file for trial. It is gratifying to see a client’s case through to completion.

Having been at LK Law for over 25 years, I have found it exciting to watch the firm grow and develop. One reason I have stayed is the people that I have grown close to. Even in times of stress and pressure, people here are willing to help even if they are not directly involved in a matter. In short, as a workplace, LK Law is rewarding, energetic, positive and supportive.