Corporate Records and Maintenance

Pursuant to the Business Corporations Act, B.C. companies are required to keep certain records at their registered records office.  LK Law currently assists thousands of companies with meeting this obligation by acting as their registered records office. 

In order for a company to remain in good standing, every year B.C. companies must prepare and complete certain annual maintenance documents and tasks such as holding annual general meetings or adopting certain annual resolutions.

The Corporate Services team at LK Law is happy to assist businesses with these requirements.  Our experienced lawyers, paralegals and staff can help maintain your record books on an annual basis, to ensure compliance.    Additionally our team can assist with:

  • Acting as your company’s registered and records office; 
  • Diarizing filing deadlines and ensuring all electronic and annual filings are completed on time with various government registries;
  • Drafting and sending required annual general meeting documents;
  • Extra-provincial registration of your company if you decided to carry on business in other jurisdictions;
  • Company amalgamations;
  • Company restorations or voluntary dissolutions;
  • Annual dividend declarations;
  • Shareholder agreements;
  • Director/officer/shareholder changes;
  • Business name registrations; and
  • Corporate reorganizations and restructuring.

For more information on how our corporate services team can assist you, please contact:

Corporate Records and Maintenance Lawyers