Estate and Trust Litigation and Inheritance Disputes

Executors, Trustees and Administrators

Estate disputes vary, but they may involve the validity of a will, the interpretation of a will, capacity issues, committeeships, contesting the administration of an estate, or contesting executor’s accountings. The estate litigation lawyers at LK Law have represented and advised executors, trustees and administrator on such estate litigation matters and they can guide an executor struggling with the probate process.

Estate Beneficiaries

Our team is experienced in negotiating, mediating and litigating these complex cases. Whether you are looking for your equal share, or you are a beneficiary who is not being treated fairly, we have the team that can help. We know that each client and each situation is unique and we will work with you to achieve the best outcome for you and your family.

Challenging or defending testamentary dispositions, including those made pursuant to a will, can involve a number of complex legal considerations.

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