Appeal Practice

Lindsay Kenney lawyers have in-depth knowledge with the appeal process and the appellant courts. Our lawyers have appeared before the British Columbia Court of Appeal and in the Supreme Court of Canada, representing a broad range of clients and arguing a variety of issues as both Appellants and Respondents.

Appeals are very different from trials.  The case is argued before a panel of judges instead of just one.  No witnesses are called to give evidence.  Instead, the appeal turns on the trial record (the oral and documentary evidence tendered at trial).  You cannot simply re-argue the case.  Instead, the lawyer has to identify material errors made by the trial court.  Appeals therefore require a special set of skills and knowledge. 

Our appeal lawyers have the experience to determine at the outset the grounds for appeal that are most likely to succeed.  We strive to provide our clients with common sense advice on appeals.

Our lawyers have effective advocacy skills that have resulted in many successful appeals.

Be aware, there are very short and strict time deadlines to pursue an appeal (often a notice of appeal must be filed within 30 days of a trial court decision).  If you would like to discuss an appeal, or the potential of an appeal, contact one of our lawyers below: