Occupiers’ Liability (private or public property)

If you received an injury on a property not belonging to you, the property owner may be liable. Dangerous conditions or negligent conduct by a landowner, occupier, municipality or business can lead to an injury that provides physical and financial pain. You may be entitled to compensation as a result of:
Slips and falls on icy sidewalks
Slips and falls in parking lots
Trips on broken stairs
Injuries from spills, floor debris, or falling objects
Recreational accidents
Other hazardous situations

Our lawyers know how to present claims against those legally responsible for creating the conditions that caused your injury. We take immediate steps to investigate the injury and find it cause to ensure we can advance your claim.
If you’ve been hurt by a falling object, an icy sidewalk, a broken stair, or a slip and fall accident, talk to a Lindsay Kenney lawyer about working towards obtaining fair compensation.