When Should I Seek Employment Law Advice?

Employment and Labour

Here are some situations when you can benefit from consulting an employment lawyer:

  1. Your business is growing and you are about to hire your first employee.
    To avoid issues down the road, you should seek advice regarding the legal obligations you have as an employer (e.g. wages, overtime, annual vacation, etc.).  Having a well-drafted employment contract, and knowing how to use it, is critical for limiting your liability if things do not work out and you eventually need to terminate the employment.  Lindsay Kenney employment lawyers can assist with developing policy manuals, compensation plans, and protecting an employer’s confidential information.
  2. If you are considering ending an employment relationship.
    It’s very important to seek legal advice prior to ending an employment relationship for any reason.  Employers can often become embroiled in wrongful dismissal or discrimination disputes that are easily preventable.  We can assist to limit an employer’s liability in situations such as dealing with difficult employees or the structuring of a severance package.
  3. Buying or selling a business.
    Long term and experienced employees can be key to the success of a business.  The question of whether employees continue or not after the sale of a business should be dealt with as soon as possible in the anticipated transaction.  As a vendor, good employees could potentially be a selling feature; alternatively, the purchaser may ask instead to start afresh with new employees. If you are a purchaser considering keeping certain existing employees, you will need to be aware of and effectively negotiate any liabilities you may be taking on in this regard.
  4. When an employee suffers from a new/ongoing disability, or requires leave.
    It can be complicated when an employee suffers from illness or disability, or has other circumstances making them unable to report for work.  Failure to handle these matters appropriately can lead to bad publicity and poor morale.  Talk to an employment lawyer to navigate the law as it applies to leaves and managing employee absenteeism so you can continue business operations efficiently.

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