Divorce and separation


Lindsay Kenney’s family law and divorce mediation services can get you through the difficult process of separation as cleanly and quickly as possible.

There are many different forms of alternative dispute resolution—it can involve four way meetings with just lawyers and clients, mediation, or a judicial settlement conference which is in front of a judge and avoids the cost of a mediator.

While not all relationships are good fits for mediation, the vast majority of them are—and mediated settlements are usually cheaper and less risky than going to court, which can be a gamble. Legal fees in family actions can quickly mount in the back and forth of litigation, and sometimes a quick resolution is achievable if the issues are either simple enough (or, with children, uncontested enough) to be resolved by consent without a lot of prior applications for disclosure and discovery.

We can bring in a neutral third party to make sensible decisions about assets, parenting, and other loaded topics. Our lawyers can help you spend less time and money in court. Most importantly, we can help you deal with the legal aspect of the situation so you can move on.

An LK Law lawyer is always vigilant for potential legal pitfalls that could prove difficult and expensive down the road. Our lawyers also have access to knowledge from other practice groups focused on real estate, tax, wealth management, and other areas in case what seemed like a simple situation develops into something complex.