Employment Contracts and Agreements

Having an effective employment agreement in place is vital in the employer/employee relationship.  It allows the employer to spell out specific terms and conditions that apply to the employment relationship and it provides the employee clarity in understanding their roles and duties. One of the more significant attributes of an employment agreement is the ability to limit the amount of notice an employee is required to receive upon dismissal or termination.  However, having an effective employment agreement in place requires very specific terminology to protect the employer and must be carefully drafted as to avoid liability.  Furthermore, the implications of not having an employment agreement in place opens up the employer to significantly greater liability then under the Employment Standards Act minimum requirements. 

Lindsay Kenney’s employment group can assist you with drafting Independent Contractor Agreements, Employment Agreements and policies required in an employment type relationship and advise you on their implementation. These documents will be done in a clear and efficient manner and always fall in line with the applicable legislation and common law. 

Additionally, we are here to help navigate the ever changing environment surrounding dismissal and how actions outside of your control may cause you to inadvertently sever the employment relationship and expose you to liability and litigation. To ensure you are properly protected contact our team today.